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Julian’s back from Salt Lake City and brought back some delightful presents:

Thanks buddy!

We received some media coverage over the last week.

The first one is the latest Man Of The Hour post, examining Episode 6.

“…rarely am I this anxious to learn more…

The second is courtesy of The Voice of E. Elliott Miller writes:

I recommend LARPs highly…It is entertaining, witty, and has heart. I can’t wait until season 2.

Voice of E

Latest “Man Of The Hour”

This week Episode 5 (“XP”) was examined. Read full write-up here.

“Although I would readily confess to a complete ignorance of all things LARP, I still find myself perfectly able to write favorably and even admiringly of the series—and, I suspect, therein lies the genius of LARPs.”

” …LARPs employs its winning formula once again, oscillating back and forth in a happy juxtaposition between funny and tender.”

In other news, Julian is heading off to Salt Lake City for FilmQuest!

Could I be any happier or more excited for him? Doubtful. Inside am I seething with jealousy at not being able to go? No comment.


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Here’s the link to the LA Weekly article written by Stephanie Carrie.

“sleek, smart Canadian web series LARPs brings to life an endearing cast of characters”

“Julian Stamboulieh’s dynamic direction transports the audience between worlds seamlessly.”

“The low-budget series bumps up production quality nicely with costumes donated by LARP retailer Les Artisans d’Azure.”

We were also featured on Tubefilter’s Indie Spotlight: ‘LARPs’ Is The Latest Spin On ‘The Guild’.

“Director Julian Stamboulieh and the rest of the team at Beanduck Productions have focused their efforts to create an engaging visual setting, a lovingly-constructed cast of characters, and clean, sharp dialogue.”

“Like Geek & Sundry’s Unplugged, LARPs is carefully balanced so that it is appealing to LARPers and accessible to a general audience.”

“Web series fans will find plenty to enjoy, even if they’ve only ever expressed a passing interest in foam weapons and Medieval costumes.”

Review – Snobby Robot

Erik Urtz of The Snobby Robot selected LARPs to be this week’s #WebSeriesWednesday feature. He watched the entire first season while interviewing us live on Twitter, then published a review which you can read here. To see the entire Twitter interview just follow @SnobbyRobot!

“The show, written by long time LARPer Jon Verrall, is excellent no matter what angle I try and look at it from. As an outsider to the LARPing community I found the show insightful, hilarious and deeply honest.”

“…one of the best scripts I’ve come across this year.”

“…laugh out loud funny.” 

LARPs gets as good of a recommendation as I’ll give a show…”

snobby robot

Review- Fanboy Comics

Jodi Scaife of Fanboy Comics wrote a great review on LARPs that just came out yesterday. Check it out here.

Overall, I loved the costumes, the beautiful settings, the incredibly informative, and apt episode titles, and how the short storylines both made me laugh and feel emotional pain over the course of my hour or so viewing. I’ve never LARPed, and I still found the show cute and quirky, so I think that most anyone with a geeky hobby can relate.”

fanboy comics

WebVee Guide Review

Well, this made my day.

WebVee Guide, a fantastic website devoted to web series news and reviews, has published a review of LARPs. And it’s pretty stellar:

“…one of the smoothest, best-acted and most entertaining series I’ve reviewed…”

“A good book or show needs more than detail, it needs characters. It needs drama. It needs dialogue. Luckily for us, LARPs has all three.”

The cast is quite small, but each party member is developed enough to feel real and well-rounded…one heck of an ensemble performance.”

The production values are quite high.”

Many many thanks to Kyle Price-Livingston for writing about us. To read the full article click on the WebVee Guide image below, and read other reviews while you’re at it! They’re doing a wonderful thing for web series creators across the globe.

webvee logo


Episode 5 Review and “Defective Geeks” Podcast

Here’s the latest review from Jideobi Odunze:

LARPs: The Series “XP” Review


✔Balance between romance and comedy
✔Cute date
✔Ending hit you hard


✘ None


Episode 5 as well lives up to it’s name as you see how XP(experience) plays a role in their lives in character and out of character.



Charlotte and I did a podcast with the lovely ladies of Defective Geeks last week. It’s been posted on their website so now the universe can hear us talk about LARPs, our favorite geek pastimes, our ideal acting roles and complain about Montreal winters. Listen to it here!