Webisode Watch Interview

Last night Scott, Charlotte, Julian and I sat down for a delightful chat with Blair Beveridge for his show Webisode Watch. Despite having to avoid any mention of plot points (since Ep. 0 is only being relaunched tomorrow) we managed to fill an entire hour with scintillating, intoxicating conversation.

And for those of you who missed it:

Thanks for having us, Blair!

Super Geeked Up!

It’s been awhile since our interview with the fine folks of Super Geeked Up!, but here’s the video for those of you who missed the live showing. We all had a blast and frankly I’m impressed we managed to fit so many people on the screen!

Ben and Julian are basking in Miami sun right now at the Miami Webfest along with other web series buddies (Jeff from Super Geeked Up/Super Knocked Up, Daryn from Time Keeper, Daniela and Eli from WebVee Guide, and no doubt plenty more!) Will make sure to post photos and recaps when they get back, although if I were them I don’t think I’d be hurrying back to “colder by the second Montreal” anytime soon.

Steph’s LA Weekly Web Series Pick of the Week: LARPs: The Series

We were Stephanie Carrie’s LA Weekly Web Series Pick of the Week AND she interviewed Jon and Julian for “The Tangled Web We Watch”!

The Tangled Web We Watch

Following in the footsteps of Felicia Day’s hit web series The Guild, sleek, smart Canadian web series LARPs brings to life an endearing cast of characters from yet another oft-ridiculed ‘nerd’ sub-culture: Live Action Role Playing.

Hollywood loves to throw a LARPer into the cast whenever they need an aspersers nerdy escapist, ie Christopher Mintz-Plasse in Role Models, but the LARPing community of hundreds of thousands in the  US alone is, of course, far more nuanced. Read the rest of my LA Weekly Review of LARPs HERE, and check out my full interview with Director Julian Stamboulieh and writer/actor Jon Verrall about creating the show below.


Do you have an advice on anything from the conceiving to the writing to the shooting to the promoting of web series — things you learned that you wish you had known before?

JULIAN: The web is a free platform to…

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