Elizabeth Neale is a Canadian actor currently based out of Montreal. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be a performer and was one of those kids who actually enjoyed the Shakespeare class at school (reading ahead in secret, wondering if “HAMLET WOULD EVER MAKE UP HIS MIND GAWD”).

This love of theatre and classical acting meant that Elizabeth was thrown completely off guard when she was cast in a web series about Live Action Role-Playing (LARPs). The show, after a successful independent release, was picked up by Felicia Day’s YouTube channel Geek & Sundry. Two seasons of the multi-award-winning LARPs are now released and Elizabeth is delving in to a whole new sphere of acting.

She started a Twitch channel to stream games such as Skyrim and Life Is Strange and has developed a loving and loyal internet following. She is fully embracing her inner gamer and role-player while continuing to geek out over Shakespeare. She has also begun voice acting (and can do a mean A.I. voice).