WebVee Guide Review

Well, this made my day.

WebVee Guide, a fantastic website devoted to web series news and reviews, has published a review of LARPs. And it’s pretty stellar:

“…one of the smoothest, best-acted and most entertaining series I’ve reviewed…”

“A good book or show needs more than detail, it needs characters. It needs drama. It needs dialogue. Luckily for us, LARPs has all three.”

The cast is quite small, but each party member is developed enough to feel real and well-rounded…one heck of an ensemble performance.”

The production values are quite high.”

Many many thanks to Kyle Price-Livingston for writing about us. To read the full article click on the WebVee Guide image below, and read other reviews while you’re at it! They’re doing a wonderful thing for web series creators across the globe.

webvee logo


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