For me, LARPs: The Series really came together when we added the music. The incredibly talented musicians and artists we had working with us helped create the perfect tone for the show. I love it when people specifically bring up the soundtrack in the YouTube comments. These guys deserve the recognition.

First up, the title song was performed by a Montreal-based band called Sweet Mother Logic.  We used a portion of their song “Days Into Night” and also “Fractal Hands”, but check out their other stuff too!

Graviton Flux was a big find for us. This talented artist is also based out of Montreal and specializes in chiptunes. This helped achieve the videogame feel that Julian was looking for. The following songs were arranged by Graviton Flux: 

“Continuum”- Remember that great music at the end of episode 10? 

“Quantum Manifold”- And who could forget the fantastic ending to episode 8?

Also used were “Singularity” and “Anomalous Resonance”.

Finally, we had several jazz pieces performed by the Kennedy/McLeod Quartet for episode 7: “Murphy’s Law”, “The Perfect Draw” and “Four Hour Lunch”. Donny Kennedy, of the group, was also our composer for all of season 1. Amazing!!!

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