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Here’s the link to the LA Weekly article written by Stephanie Carrie.

“sleek, smart Canadian web series LARPs brings to life an endearing cast of characters”

“Julian Stamboulieh’s dynamic direction transports the audience between worlds seamlessly.”

“The low-budget series bumps up production quality nicely with costumes donated by LARP retailer Les Artisans d’Azure.”

We were also featured on Tubefilter’s Indie Spotlight: ‘LARPs’ Is The Latest Spin On ‘The Guild’.

“Director Julian Stamboulieh and the rest of the team at Beanduck Productions have focused their efforts to create an engaging visual setting, a lovingly-constructed cast of characters, and clean, sharp dialogue.”

“Like Geek & Sundry’s Unplugged, LARPs is carefully balanced so that it is appealing to LARPers and accessible to a general audience.”

“Web series fans will find plenty to enjoy, even if they’ve only ever expressed a passing interest in foam weapons and Medieval costumes.”

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