“In Their Own Words” – Shane/Astra

We were featured in The Gazette! LARPs: The Series is a new kind of game show 



AND Cult Montreal: RPG Warriors Get Their Own Series


In Game. Out of Game.

In Game. Out of Game.

“I play Shane who is Astra in-game. Shane takes the game very seriously. She makes a point of knowing all the rules and how everything works so she can bend things to her advantage. Despite taking the game seriously she still makes a point of keeping it, and its players, at arm’s length. ”

Elizabeth Neale is a graduate of Concordia University’s Theatre Performance program, and hopes to continue treading the boards all across Canada. She has appeared in several short films, such as: The Blue SpruceLAPSUS;Baby, You Can Drive My Car; and Mockumentary. Selected regional theatre credits include: Stone Cold Dead SeriousThe Bourgeois Gentleman, Little Katrina, and Chamber Music. She has dabbled in tabletop roleplaying before, but it’s never involved such amazing armor! LARPs: The Series is her web series debut. Follow her on twitter @elizabethaneale.

“In Their Own Words” – Evan/GM

Hey look, an article from Montreal Rampage: Web Series About LARPers A Real Life Dream Come True !


In Game. Out of Game.

In Game. Out of Game.

“I play Evan, who serves as the GM (game-master) of the LARP. He spends a lot of his time writing out storylines for his players and likes to keep control over his game. He sometimes feels underappreciated by his group, feeling that they don’t recognize all the work that he’s doing for them.”

Jon Verrall co-wrote the story and wrote the screenplay for LARPs, as well as performing as Evan. A native of Montreal, Quebec, Jon is a working actor, fight choreographer, and writer for stage, film, video games, and comics (with his Control Point partner, Eisner-nominated Mia Goodwin). He ran his first roleplaying game in 2001 and has continued GMing both live and tabletop games ever since—mostly games published by White Wolf (e.g. Changeling: the DreamingMage: the Ascension).

“In Their Own Words”- Brittany/Corillia


In Game. Out of Game.

In Game. Out of Game.

“I play Brittany and her in-game character is Corillia. I think the most interesting thing about her and what we’ve tackled throughout the season is how your in-game character and your real life character bleed into each other, start mixing together. I think that’s something that happens with Brittany and Corillia the most. That’s her biggest storyline: discovering who she is through this character that she plays.”

Charlotte Rogers graduated from Concordia University in 2010 and has since been working in and around Montreal. Most recent credits include: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Repercussion Theatre), RUMP (Dancing Monkey Theatre), I Don’t Like Mondays and Story Wars (Geordie Productions). Charlotte is thrilled to be starring in her first web series alongside such a talented group of friends.



“In Their Own Words” – Will/Biff

Only 9am here and we’ve already had a LARPs interview with Breakfast Television Montreal! Check it out here. Later on today a couple of us will also be doing a radio interview with “Edge Of The City”, a show through No More Radio. Will link to that when it’s posted.


In Game. Out of Game.

In Game. Out of Game.

“I play Will, who’s basically a crass, apathetic joker—a court jester, almost. He participates in the LARP but he makes sure to point out when people get a little too “nerdy”, or he makes sure to keep things lively in his own way by…shooting people in the dick, say?”

Scott is a Canadian actor currently based in Montreal, and a graduate of Concordia University’s Theatre Performance program (2010). He has appeared in short films like Bloody BernhardPick Me Up, and Mockumentary, as well as onstage locally in None of the Above and Taming of the Shrew, among others. Additionally, since one of Scott’s hobbies over the past 2-3 years has been playing in both LARPs and tabletop roleplaying games, LARPs: The Series has been a dream come true! You can follow Scott’s upcoming projects at www.scottbhumphrey.com or follow him on Twitter: @shumphrey1212.

“In Their Own Words” – Arthur/Noctus

Tomorrow marks exactly one week to launch. Whaaaat? So this calls for something special to help pass the seven days. Hence, “In Their Own Words”.

Context: during our 1337LoungeLive interview each actor was asked to describe the character they play. I think that would be a great way of introducing the characters before the rest of the episodes are released. So, without further ado, here is chapter 1 of “In Their Own Words” featuring Jonathan Silver:


In Game. Out of Game.

In Game. Out of Game.

“I play Arthur and his character’s name is Noctus. Arthur’s kind of an “office drone” and he’s one of these characters that really needs LARPing to survive. His character’s a rogue, he’s always in control, he’s incredibly powerful, and so Arthur really attaches himself to Noctus. We see him throughout the series really grappling with what that means for his life and how he interacts with people who maybe don’t take it as seriously as he does. ”

Jonathan Silver is a Montreal native currently living in Toronto. He works as an actor on stage and screen in both cities. His experience with LARPing was minimal before shooting LARPs: The Series, but has always been fascinated with the world of roleplaying. Recent screen work include roles in SyFy’s Being Human and Ubisoft’s videogame Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. For upcoming projects and news check out www.jtsilver.com or follow him on Twitter: @jt_silver.