“In Their Own Words” – Will/Biff

Only 9am here and we’ve already had a LARPs interview with Breakfast Television Montreal! Check it out here. Later on today a couple of us will also be doing a radio interview with “Edge Of The City”, a show through No More Radio. Will link to that when it’s posted.


In Game. Out of Game.

In Game. Out of Game.

“I play Will, who’s basically a crass, apathetic joker—a court jester, almost. He participates in the LARP but he makes sure to point out when people get a little too “nerdy”, or he makes sure to keep things lively in his own way by…shooting people in the dick, say?”

Scott is a Canadian actor currently based in Montreal, and a graduate of Concordia University’s Theatre Performance program (2010). He has appeared in short films like Bloody BernhardPick Me Up, and Mockumentary, as well as onstage locally in None of the Above and Taming of the Shrew, among others. Additionally, since one of Scott’s hobbies over the past 2-3 years has been playing in both LARPs and tabletop roleplaying games, LARPs: The Series has been a dream come true! You can follow Scott’s upcoming projects at www.scottbhumphrey.com or follow him on Twitter: @shumphrey1212.

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