“In Their Own Words” – Evan/GM

Hey look, an article from Montreal Rampage: Web Series About LARPers A Real Life Dream Come True !


In Game. Out of Game.

In Game. Out of Game.

“I play Evan, who serves as the GM (game-master) of the LARP. He spends a lot of his time writing out storylines for his players and likes to keep control over his game. He sometimes feels underappreciated by his group, feeling that they don’t recognize all the work that he’s doing for them.”

Jon Verrall co-wrote the story and wrote the screenplay for LARPs, as well as performing as Evan. A native of Montreal, Quebec, Jon is a working actor, fight choreographer, and writer for stage, film, video games, and comics (with his Control Point partner, Eisner-nominated Mia Goodwin). He ran his first roleplaying game in 2001 and has continued GMing both live and tabletop games ever since—mostly games published by White Wolf (e.g. Changeling: the DreamingMage: the Ascension).

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