Episode 3 Review & LARP Documentary

Another review is out, this time for Episode 3! I’ve posted an excerpt below but you can read the full article at Geeked Out Nation here. Many many thanks to Jideobi Odunze for writing it. Follow him on twitter @NewGenXMan!

LARPs: The Series “PvP” Review

larpsthe series_cast

✔More effect of game on real lives and vice versa
✔Use of Evan’s bluntness
✔Balance of emotion and humor


✘ None


Great episode that shows how the characters interact with each other when the game has its influence over their actions.


Also, just came across this short documentary that addresses the question: “What is LARP?” The players discuss how accepting the LARPing community is, how it’s no longer strange to see women heavily involved, how LARPing helps give you a break from a mundane 9-5 job, and much more. I really enjoyed watching this. Check it out if you have a second:

“This is a documentary about Live Action Role Play and what it is from the players point of view. This was filmed at Dargarth First Kingdom in Seattle, WA but is a sample of LARP philosophy in general.”

Episode 4 out tomorrow!!!

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