The Adventures of #Punchy- Day Sixteen

Also known as “Console Commands For Love”

The long-anticipated wedding between Punchy and Ghorbash The Iron Hand goes off without a hitch. And by that I mean it’s incredibly complicated and many things go wrong. Classic #Punchy.

Slight changes!

Lately I’ve really started getting into Twitch. It occurred to me that while we figure out what’s going on with LARPs Season 3 (of which NOTHING is confirmed yet, y’all) I may as well use the blog to post updates on my games & YouTube videos, as well as continue to post updates on the show.

For those of you who have Twitch I hope you’ll consider following my channel!

If you don’t have Twitch you can always catch rebroadcasts of my streams as I upload them to YouTube. I’ll link ’em here as well.

Happy Punching!

liz cartoon second draft copy (1) cropped

I get it. I suck.

But clearly y’all are too busy watching LARPs to give a damn about this blog, AMIRITE???

And yet, if this lack of blog updating is the precise reason why you haven’t yet delved into Season Two, I apologizzzzzzze.

Here’s da playlist to get caught up!

Finale drops this Thursday and I don’t mean to brag, but it may be a half-hour. You may commence squealing.

Mo updates. No problems.

With the launch of Season 2 drawing ever close (and precise release dates coming soon), here’s a rundown of some recent media attention we received:

  • Geeking in Indiana is run by the delightful Tony. He hadn’t heard of the show before (was introduced to it at Gen Con), but after having checked it out he contacted us for an interview and we were thrilled to oblige! “I had the pleasure of checking out eleven episodes of a series that wasn’t only funny, but sincere, and showed respect to the subject matter of Live Action Role Playing.” Thanks Tony!
  • Board Game Barrister calls us “…one of my favorite things on YouTube right now[…] if you want a good laugh, and just some good storytelling, give LARPs a look.”
  • Stern-Rake Studio: In this first season the characters’ fantasy world and daily lives blur with comedic, dramatic, and poignant results.” 

In other news, you guys can now become proud owners of some swanky new LARPt-shirts! They’re on sale at Geek & Sundry’s shop.



Oof. I fail. Yes I do. No updates in months. MONTHS. Unacceptable.

Hey guess what? WE WRAPPED SEASON 2 FILMING!!!! Up to our eyeballs in post-production work and getting out butts in gear to get this season released as quickly as possible to you fine people.

We went to Montreal Comiccon! It was awesome!

A number of team members are off to Gen Con in a few days. Remember like a year ago when we won at the film fest and won a booth? Neither do I. But apparently it happened and now a bunch of us are invading Indianapolis yet again, but this time we’re armed with merch and lots of pictures of our faces!

Pictured here: someone not attending Gen Con.

Pictured here: lots of pictures of our faces. And someone not attending Gen Con. The smile is a lie.

So off we trot and we’ll make sure to take a bunch of photos while we’re over there! I’ll try to be marginally better at updating now that shooting has wrapped.