Mo updates. No problems.

With the launch of Season 2 drawing ever close (and precise release dates coming soon), here’s a rundown of some recent media attention we received:

  • Geeking in Indiana is run by the delightful Tony. He hadn’t heard of the show before (was introduced to it at Gen Con), but after having checked it out he contacted us for an interview and we were thrilled to oblige! “I had the pleasure of checking out eleven episodes of a series that wasn’t only funny, but sincere, and showed respect to the subject matter of Live Action Role Playing.” Thanks Tony!
  • Board Game Barrister calls us “…one of my favorite things on YouTube right now[…] if you want a good laugh, and just some good storytelling, give LARPs a look.”
  • Stern-Rake Studio: In this first season the characters’ fantasy world and daily lives blur with comedic, dramatic, and poignant results.” 

In other news, you guys can now become proud owners of some swanky new LARPt-shirts! They’re on sale at Geek & Sundry’s shop.


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