Wee Update

Hai guys,

We’re three days into Season 2’s shoot and everyone is enjoying a well-deserved few days off. Man, do we have a dynamite crew! Everyone is doing such a stellar job. We’re wrapping on time, the shots are looking incredible and the people are absolutely lovely. It’s such a joy to be involved in a project where I can’t wait to arrive on set everyday.

That is one punchable happy face.

That is one punchable happy face.

Since we’ve been pretty swamped with filming I’ve been neglecting giving updates on media coverage. So here’s a big whack of ’em now:

AND one of our favorite vloggers, Mo Mo O’Brien, made a video about us and why people should donate to our Indiegogo campaign. (psst, if we hit 40K we can dare her to do 5 things):

Speaking of Indiegogo, tomorrow is the last day of the campaign. We exceeded our initial goal of $30,000, which is just incredible. We cannot thank those who have donated, shared and supported us enough. We are so so SO close to 40K. It would mean the world to us to hit this milestone. Can we?

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