Join the cast and crew of LARPs: The Series on Wednesday, February 19th from 10pm-midnight EST for a two-hour online hangout extravaganza! We will be guests on 1337LoungeLive, during which time we’ll discuss the project and answer questions from viewers. Everyone will be hooked up via webcam. You won’t want to miss this! Here’s the blurb from their site:

“A hilarious new fictional web series about roleplaying games is about to rock the nerdosphere, and we have an exclusive virtual hangout planned with the show creators, Julian Stamboulieh, Benjamin Warner and Jon Verrall.

The story of LARPs follows five twenty-something friends who meet regularly to play in a live-action roleplaying game which has surprising and hilarious parallels with their real lives. The intro episode on Youtube has already racked up tens of thousands of hits since it’s debut this month, and we’re speeding toward the official launch of the series on March 10th.

Get to know the visionary filmmakers behind LARPs. If you like games—video or tabletop—you’ll have plenty to talk about with these cool creatives.”

Hey, have I raved about our poster lately? No? Fixing immediately.


It’s amazing and I love it.

We also got a nice shout-out from Crave Online. A little under 3 weeks until launch!

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